Our Services

Lodestone Systems provides a wide range of services for individuals, small & medium sized businesses and non-profits.


Before you can solve a problem, you have to identify what the problem really is.

Do we need new computers, a faster Internet provider, or just a new WiFi router? How effective is our web site? What one thing could we do to make our company run better?

Before working out a solution, it’s best to identify the true problem or issue. Many times that first guess is not correct. ?

We can review your situation and give you an independent assessment.

General Consulting

Not everything is solved by __________. Different issues require different solutions.

Lodestone Systems works with you to devise a solution that fits your specific needs and budget.

We have a wide range of experience, and can help you sort out everything from QuickBooks posting issues and product ideas to company organization and marketing strategies.

Web Sites

Every organization needs a web site. It confirms you are legitimate, enables people to find you, explains who you are, and can allow people to avail themselves of your goods and services.

Great web sites do not need to be expensive or hard to maintain. We can help create a web site for you that fits your budget and your needs. One that is easy to maintain and extend.

Infrastructure Support

We can help you with everything from the simple to the complex.

Simple includes things like optimal WiFi setup, Ethernet wiring, network attached storage, and backup strategies.

Complex includes multi-domain support issues, SSL certificates, IPv6, and cloud computing options.


We provide a wide range of customizing, from simple CSS formatting tweaks to custom WordPress plugins and complete web based applications.

We work mostly in PHP, MariaDB (MySQL), JavaScript, HTML5 / CSS and support WordPress.


One-one-one and group training is available on a wide rage of topics. Past topics have included everything from Web Site Maintenance and Introduction To HTML to Manufacturer Automation and Object Oriented Programming.


Thinking of adding video to your site or want to post on YouTube?

While we are not a video production facility, we can help you plan, shoot, edit and/or upload your videos.

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Don’t see what you need here? Ask us. We can help you locate the services you seek.