Our Customers

Lodestone Systems has a wide range of experience working with a variety of companies and individuals. Here are some examples. Put this experience to work on your next project.

Aunt Rita’s Foundation

Aunt Rita's Foundation logo

2009 – present | Phoenix AZ | AuntRitas.org

From 2009 thru 2015, Lodestone Systems created and hosted Aunt Rita’s on-line event registration web sites, including the Phoenix AIDS Walk. The highly customized registration web sites were created using our SiteWizard framework.

Today we continue to work with Aunt Rita’s, providing technical support and managing their 50+ domain names.

The Bonnie And Marty Tenenbaum Foundation

K12IRC Alice logo

1996 – present | Palo Alto CA | K12IRC.org

We work with the foundation to maintain an educational resources web site for the K-12 community.

In addition to hosting & maintaining the web site, we have provided a wide variety of services over the years, including…

  • creating and placement of print and on-line advertising,
  • collaboration with the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and
  • creating & hosting information booths for various national and regional education conferences.

Advanced Custom Shutters, Inc.

Advanced Custom Shutters logo

1996 – present | Milpitas CA | AdvancedCustomShutters.com

Originally known as Summit Windows, Advanced manufactures made-to-order wooden window shutters of all shapes and sizes. Our initial project with them was creating a custom FoxPro application used to track all shutter orders and calculate the dimensions needed to create the individual shutters. That application is still in use today.

In addition, we created and host their web site, and provide office infrastructure support.

Top Five Data Services, Inc.

Top Five Data logo

1995 – 2017 | Fremont CA

Top Five was one of our earliest clients. Our original project for them was a FoxPro data base application used to track industry compensation data, survey processing, and clients.

In 2005, we created an on-line e-commerce web site for them using SiteWizard, It included automatic digital document delivery, something uncommon at the time.

Top 5 closed their doors in 2017 after 24 years of service to the Tech, Bio Pharm, and HR communities.

Foothill Securities, Inc.

Foothill Securities logo

2000 – 2003 | Mountain View CA

We created ACES, a web based CRM and paperwork processing application for securities broker/dealers and Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s).

With agents scattered across more than 60 branch offices throughout the United States, ACES allowed authorized users to maintain client information, create, validate, & print out the forms needed for securities transactions, transmit that information back to the home office, and to track transactions and commissions. All this using early (c. 2000) web browsers.

Site Wizard was based on the work done for ACES and Foothill Securities.

GT Mart

GT Mart logo

1998 – 2000 | San Jose CA

We created a bi-lingual, multi-thousand page web site with servers located in the U.S. and China providing “one stop shopping” for component data sheets for the electronics design industry.

Beresford Architects

Beresford Architects logo

2010 – present | Phoenix AZ | BeresfordArchitects.com

Created a custom website using SiteWizard showcasing this architectural client.

OmniCell Technologies

Omnicell logo

1993 – 1994 | Mountain View CA

Created the initial version of their WorkflowRx Pharmacy Inventory Management Software, a centralized data management system used with their automated inventory control units. The FoxPro application tracked real-time product usage information and supplied customizable reports on supply and drug usage by patient, user, location, physician and other variables.

What made this project special was that we were brought in at the last minute when their in-house application development effort floundered. We were able to create a completed application, from initial design to final delivery, in just 8 weeks.

In addition to our commercial clients, Lodestone Systems has donated free hosting and other services to a wide variety of non-profits over the years, including…

The Hope Tapes

The Hope Tapes logo

For Positive Men

For Positive Men logo

Joshua Tree Feeding Program

Joshua Tree Feeding Program logo

Rebel + Divine

Rebel & Divine logo

Desert Heathens

Desert Heathens logo